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Satisfied Customers


Would you like to join the ranks of satisfied Dreadlocks for Dingoes Your Local Lov'n Pet Place customers? Do you need someone to look after your furry friend for a few? When pets are under our care they enjoy a variety of my engaging activities and enjoyable services. Continue reading to see what our clients have to say about their experiences with Pet Care Service.

“Lisa has been grooming our dog, Dude, for several years. Dude has had some difficult circumstances and Lisa has been a great resource for us through those times and words are not enough to express our gratitude. She knows just how to communicate and handle Dude, especially when he is scared. Plus, he always looks so handsome when she works her magic on him! We travel a ways to have Dude groomed, but it is well worth it!”


“The last place I took my dog to, I overheard the groomer yelling at one of the dogs that was on her table, I turned and left. When I went to Dreadlocks for Dingoes, I unexpectedly returned before my dog was done. I “caught” Lisa singing and dancing with my dog ending in a big hug before she knew I was there. I will never go anywhere else, she treats animals like they’re gold and I never have to worry about my dog when he’s there. Lisa, you’re the best!”  


-Pat S.

“Dear Lisa,

Please post this on your website. This is a sincere apology. I’ve been bringing Cosmo (my Cocker Spaniel) to you for years. The last time I was in I was shocked about the price increase. What was once a $60 groom had now gone up to $75. You have always given Cosmo a wonderful haircut, but the increase was, in my opinion, substantial. As a result, I thought I’d try another groomer and save a little money. I want you to know when I got Cosmo back he had a terrible hair cut from this other place. Not only was it not what I had asked for but he had little nicks all over his groin area which developed into infections that needed to be treated at the vet. $200 + dollars later I was so upset with myself not to mention my poor dog who wore a cone on his head for a week.

I’m writing to let everyone know, Lisa is by far the best groomer I have ever seen. I will never take her for granted again. Not only did she accept us back with open arms, but she fixed the bad groom Cosmo received from the other place.

Thank you so much, Lisa, from the bottom of our hearts.”

 -Pam and Cosmo

“Not only is Lisa a fine dog groomer, she also provides a warm, friendly atmosphere for the dogs being groomed. Lisa is smart, funny, capable and entirely dedicated to all her furry clients. I recommend her whole-heartedly. (5 stars)”  

-Robin Keyworth

"Lisa has been grooming our dog, Dude, for several years. Dude has had some difficult circumstances and Lisa has been a great resource for us through those times and words are not enough to express our gratitude. She knows just how to communicate and handle Dude, especially when he is scared. Plus, he always looks so handsome when she works her magic on him! We travel a ways to have Dude groomed, but it is well worth it!”

“Lisa is a grooming rock star, I have clients that use her services and I have brought my dog in to get groomed she did a wonderful job, and I would recommend her to anyone.”

 -Peppy Paws Dog Walking Service of Minneapolis, MN

“I have an elderly Sheltie who has never been to an outside groomer but he has now been to Lisa’s two times. He comes back bright-eyed and beautiful. Lisa employs techniques that bring superior results as well as causing much less duress to the dog being groomed. I would not consider taking my dog elsewhere. She obviously has extensive knowledge of dog behavior and her gentle but firm alpha manner makes it much easier for the dogs to cope with the new experience, if it is their first time. I love how the animals free to roam after they’re done, if they want to. Eli always looks likes he’s a happy kid in playgroup when I come to pick him up.”

“I was referred to Lisa by vets that specialize in cats for my new long-haired kitty that got very matted. That was 3-4 years ago and I have been back many times for my cat, plus my dog. Lisa is a special person that provides excellent grooming and empathetic care. She’s exceptional!”

“After adopting Benny from a rescue organization in 2009, it became apparent that he had “issues” with vets and groomers. Based on a recommendation from my vet, I brought Benny to Lisa for grooming. She has given Benny considerable love and patience during the grooming process. She has a deep understanding and appreciation for a variety of “challenging” dogs and is a trusted source of information and guidance for me.”

“Lisa is the best dog trimmer we have used so far, Sam my White Westie loves her and is so handsome after his spa day with Lisa. Good value, excellent work.”

“Lisa is a great groomer! All of the dogs in her care really seem to enjoy the time that they spend with her which is uncommon for a grooming salon. Most other places keep the dogs in kennels while they wait but at Dreadlocks they can run around and play. Plus the haircut she gives my dog rocks!”

“Lisa is a top-notch dog groomer. I’ve brought my little terrier-poodle mix to her many times. When you meet Lisa it will be easy to see how much she loves her four-legged customers and how much they love her. And she doesn’t take the two-legged customers for granted, either. She listens to what you want, puts you at ease, and makes sure that you’re happy with the result when you come to pick up your furry one. It’s a great big lovefest at Dreadlocks for Dingoes!”

 -Amy R.

“Dear Lisa,
I appreciate you noticing the lump on my tail. I went to the vet and my doctor discovered it was cancerous. It has been removed and I’m as good as new. Thanks for saving my life!”  


“We have used Lisa to groom our dog Charlie for 2 years now. She does a good job and is great with our dog. She works hard to fit us into her schedule. I have no problem recommending her.”  

Paul G.

“We love Dreadlocks for Dingoes! Lisa is so great with our dog Carl. Carl is a rescue dog, he has trust issues and is very shy around people. Lisa is great with him and he warmed up to her right away. Carl socializes well with other dogs and always has company when he goes for his grooming. Lisa is very professional and always looks out for the animals’ best interest. We tried another groomer when we first got Carl & it did not go well. Lisa really has a way with animals and is very accommodating, I highly recommend giving Dreadlocks and Lisa a try!”  

Jane O.

“We went through a number of groomers for our very timid dog before we discovered Lisa. She has done a great job with Jack.”  

John Gallegher, Bloomington, MN

“We wanted to let you know what a magnificent job Lisa did in grooming Shadow, our Toy Poodle. Lisa’s knowledge, and skills in grooming are superb and can be seen in the excellent results she achieves. Lisa has the gift of sensing exactly what an animal is going through, it could be characterized as a sixth sense in working with animals. We wholeheartedly recommend Lisa at Dreadlocks for Dingoes.”  

Lt. Col. Dave Parker, Washington DC

“Great Job!

Great job with Oliver’s haircut! It’s the best he has ever had. Most places take up to 5 hours to groom him, it was great that he was not stuck in a kennel all day, and that you were so quick. Thanks Lisa!”  

Mary, Minneapolis, MN

“Excellent with tempermental dogs! Lisa is the only person I have found that seems to be able to handle our rather tempermental pekeapoo, Cole. He loves her… even if he doesn’t always show it. They always look great, and Lisa does a very thorough job. Highly recommended!”  

Jon, Minneapolis, MN

“Great Job! Lisa does a fantastic job with our silky terrier. He is hyperactive and she is really good with him – and he always comes home looking great. I would highly recommend her to everyone

Thanks for the great job Lisa.”

 Jane, Minneapolis, MN

“Exceptional Dog Grooming Service:

I highly recommend dreadlocks for Dingoes!! The owner is excellent with dogs and is very patient and understanding with hard to handle pets. I have a problematic dog that I have always had trouble getting a groomer to take my dog (he is known to bite). Dreadlocks for Dingoes not only had no problem accepting my dog they treated my pet with compassion and understanding. I call the owner the Dog Whisper, she is That Good!”

“This is the best grooming I’ve ever encountered. Lisa has a way with our shy dog, and he leaves her store with a smile on his face!

We love Dreadlocks for Dingoes! The owner, Lisa, goes out of her way to make everyone comfortable.”

My husband, Jack, just got home and he was delighted with Story’s new look! He said, “You found a talented and sophisticated groomer.” Thanks for your good work. Story is a little subdued today, probably tired from her exciting day. I’ll try to keep her fur in good shape for a “scissor cut” next time.

 Susan G


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