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Below you’ll find answers to some of the most common questions I’ve received from pet owners. If you would like your questions answered, feel free to contact us, I’m happy to address any questions and concerns you may have.

At what age should I start grooming my dog?

Getting your pet used to the grooming process at a young age is highly recommended. As soon as your pet has been vaccinated, 12- 16 weeks, I suggest getting him/her to the groomer. It’s very important to remember that at this age their brain is being “hard-wired” and frequent, non-stressful grooming can help your pet adjust to the grooming process, a process that needs to be done for the rest of his life.

Why is my puppy’s haircut just as much as a full grown dog?

We understand how important it is for a puppy to have a good experience at the groomers. Puppies who are not used to the grooming process need a different approach and extra attention to ensure a positive experience as well as ensuring their safety. Puppies become frightened with new experiences and we do everything we can to reassure them. This takes time and patience. We are dedicated to make grooming a stress free experience for your pet, for your pet’s first groom and for all subsequent grooms.

How often should I bring my pet in for grooming?

This depends on the breed, type of coat, how long or short they are naturally, how long you wish to keep them and how much maintenance you do at home. Some pets need daily combing and require a professional groom every 4-6 weeks. Others can go longer, every 8-12 weeks.

I brush my dog all the time but every visit to the groomer results in a shave down, what gives?

It’s very possible that your pet is matted at the skin level. Brushing often results in just the top part or the guard hairs being dematted. Instead of using a brush, I recommend combing. Make sure you get all the way from the skin out to the ends of the hair. Also, comb everything from nose to tail.

Should I brush my pet’s teeth?

Although brushing does not replace professional cleaning from your vet, it will aid in keeping your pet’s teeth and gums healthy. Their teeth are made of the same stuff ours are made from, so regular brushing at home is highly recommended.

My pet has frequent ear infections and her skin gets flaky with rashes and hotspots, what do you recommend?

Ear infections and bad skin are often the result of yeast multiplying and causing infections. Yeast is occurs naturally and is always present, something causes it to multiply out of control and causes problems. If the ear infections are bi-lateral, it may indicate an allergy which can have devastating results. Shampoos and other external treatments are helpful but I feel it’s more like treating the result of an internal issue. It’s important to find the reason and eliminate the cause at hand. I start with the food. A simple change in food could make all the difference. Try to use a food with one protein source and no grains. 

Do you do dragons?

Yes, I am She-Lis, tamer of the fire breathing dragon! Please see my policy for aggressive pets. No, do you cut dragon nails? Oh….sure bring your little green friend in! We do all services for your exotic pet, including nail trims, wing clips or full grooming for your rabbits, ferrets, chinchillas or sugar gliders and of course your bearded dragons!

My dog’s nails are always too long. We get them cut at the vet and have been trying to get them shorter for over a year, but they seem to grow out quickly. Can you help?

Sure I can help! For nails that have a quick that have grown out too and remain too long after trimming, I recommend dremelling the nails. By sanding them down on a regular basis, initially every couple of days, we can force the quick or vein to recede. Together we can be successful at achieving shorter nails. Please look at the Nails 101 section on this website.

I’ve been reading your website, and I must ask, why does it cost so much to groom a dog? I know, I know, I read your “why it costs so much …..” on one of your pages, but really, you get to play with dogs all day long!

As much as it may seem that groomers play all day, that is no more valid than saying a fireman has a fun job because he rides around in a cool red truck! This is a very dangerous job and we risk our fingers, faces and other body parts every day. Not to mention that we need to groom peoples pets safely with no physical or mental injuries to them.


At Dreadlocks for Dingoes, we are trained in CPR and have extensive first aid knowledge. We do many pets with medical issues, including epilepsy and are very confident we can safely groom your pet. Please take a look at the web page referring to Product Warnings/Vaccination Discussions, we have helpful information about possible causes of seizures in dogs.

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