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Dogs with Dog Walker

              Dog Walking

One of the most important things you can do for your dog is to keep him engaged and exercised. The easiest way to do this is to take him for a walk. But as much as you know that a good walk is important to your best friend, you may not find the time or you simply can't because of your work schedule. That's where we come in!

Why use a Dog Walking service?

FOR THE OWNER there are typically five driving considerations:

1.) You have a loving concern for your pets overall wellness and happiness.

2.) You are experiencing an on-going or temporary work schedule coupled with other “life commitments” ie. family, friends, school, etc. which is making your daily “Dog Duties” difficult to maintain.

3.)  Your pet is just a puppy or getting elderly and needs special mid-day attention and/or care.

4.) Alternatives such as asking family and friends to help cover your “Dog Duties” are a hassle for all involved not to mention often unreliable.

5.)  You find a local dog walking service that you like, trust, and is affordable providing you with the “peace of mind” you desire and deserve.  

FOR THE PET it’s all about: Reliable and caring companionship, exercise, a good place to pee n poop, the timely administration of meds (as needed) and the availability of water & food or treats as directed.


We are your “local lov’n pet place” right here in the “lowertown” area of Saint Paul. We love to care for animals and cherish the idea of getting to know you and your pet by meeting you and then having the opportunity to become great friends with your dog simply by going on walks. Our hope is that through this exercise (great for both walker and pet) our pet care relationship will grow to include our other services.

We offer Doggy Daycare and Puppy / Dog Training Courses as well so there is an opportunity to combine a “walk” with some time hangin with new and old doggy friends in our daycare area. In addition, if your dog has attended or is attending a DfD Training class your walker could work on the basic commands your pet is learning.

Our “walkers” are experience dog handlers who are insured and bonded DfD employees; not independent contractors.

We are here to help you manage your pet’s wellness so our goal is to be as accommodating as we can be. So whether you need an ongoing week day program or selected work days or just occasional assistance we will be there. You tell us what care issues need to be covered each time and your walker will do just that and leave you a confirmation and feedback sheet after each outing.

Q) Will DfD provide walking services for dogs with a history of biting or aggression?

         A) No; unfortunately, we are not willing to put our “walkers” or your pet at risk. 

Q) Is a face to face (with pet) consultation meeting required before services can begin?
  A) Yes; this meeting is critical so that you can meet your designated walker and we can review your “walking release forms” information, meet your dog, and cover any special needs. We also need to obtain “building and/or home access” process and key(s). Note: Your first consultation meeting is free. However, if you feel the need to have a second meeting or if you have moved and therefore we need to meet to obtain updated “home access” keys and processes there will be a $20 fee. 

Q) What happens if we move outside of the “Lowertown” area
  A) Right now our walking service is offered only for the general Lowertown area but let us know where you are moving to and perhaps we can work something out.

Q.) What happens if our “walker” is not able (sick, vacation, emergency) to provide walking services on any particular day?
A) At DfD we work as a team so if your designated walker can’t make it another DfD employee will cover for them. This is why we ask for two sets of home access keys so that we always have one set in our store safe… just in case.

Q) Does DfD offer boarding services?
A) Yes and No; DfD is not licensed for overnight boarding. We do have an alternative that may be suitable for some dogs and owners. 

Q) Does DfD “pack walk” dogs?
  A)If we have other dogs to walk from your building or very close by and they are about the same size or are already friends we may walk up to three dogs together. If there are reasons you do not think this is desirable we can discuss this during our initial consultation meeting. 

Q) How does DfD handle stormy weather or some kind of natural disaster?
A) We will make every effort to meet our obligation, however, if things are so bad that schools and federal agencies are closed we may need to postpone until later or cancel. If this is the case we will notify you via email or phone.

Q) Okay, what if my trip is shortened and I get home earlier than expected? Refund?
A)We’re sorry but we will need to charge you because we likely had to turn down a potential customer given the time commitment we already had with you. 

Q) Will we have the same DfD dog walker each time?
A) You will be assigned a specific dog walker, however, there may be incidences where another qualified DfD employee will need to fill in for your normal walker. If this happens the substitute walker will indicate who they are and why on that days “confirmation and information” slip. 

 Q) If my desired schedule or care needs change can I communicate directly with my designated walker?
A) Your designated walker is a DfD employee and therefore you need to communicate directly with the Lowertown DfD store so that we are informed; we will notify your walker of the changes. 

Q) Is DfD okay with sharing my dog walking requirements with a friend or a neighbor of mine?
A) Very sorry but we can’t sanction this due to our insurance and bonding policy. If this is happening we will need to cancel your service.

Q) What is the DfD dog walking service cancelation policy?
A) You will need to contact DfD (Lowertown, Saint Paul store) by 5:00 PM on the day before your next scheduled dog walk or you will be charged for the next days scheduled visit. 

Q) What about last minute service requests? 
A) We definitely understand that emergency situations come up, so sure, give us a call and we will help if we can.

Q) Is it okay to tip my dog walker?
A) Sure, just leave a cash tip with a note for your walker… it’s all theirs.

Q) What is your billing policy?
A) We accept major credit cards, checks or cash. You can tell us how you would like to have your payment process set up. If you would like to pay credit card or debit card we require that you provide DfD with your card information so we have it on file. Our dog walking clients are billed every Monday for the next 7 days of service. This means you will need to stop by our Lowertown store each Monday if you choose to pay by cash or check. Note: Returned NSF checks will be charged a $37.00 fee.

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