Saint Paul-Puppy & Dog Training

Saint Paul, (Lowertown) Store Services:

212 East 7th Street, Saint Paul, MN 55101
651.440.9813 or 651.440.9819


Our brand new Saint Paul “neighborhood store” offers a full array of services which is the concept I have always dreamed about providing for dogs, cats and their owners. It is still all about top notch grooming

but we have added daycare, training and dog walking services. We are also very pleased to announce our retail section featuring the healthiest dog and cat food, excellent care products, great accessories and fun toys. In addition we will be providing educational seminars for pet owners and for pet care professionals. So please stop by and take a tour; we look forward to meeting you and your pets. – Lisa Rojas

Puppy Training Services offered:


Puppy playtime (ages 8 to 24 weeks)

  •       Puppies need to be exposed to all kinds of other puppies so they learn how to play well
  •      Puppies need exposure to people other than owners so that they learn to behave 
  •      It’s all about socialization and positive reinforced behavior – they learn rules exist

Puppy Kindergarten (ages 10 weeks to 6 months)

  •       More important socialization skills either introduced and/or reinforced
  •      Behaviors learned are: sit, stay, come, down, leave it, take it, drop it and walking
  •      Learning to greet other dogs and people politely

Dog Training Services offered:

Dog Beginner (ages 6 months and over)

  •        Same curriculum as Puppy Kindergarten but for older dogs

Dog Intermediate (completed Puppy Kindergarten or Dog Beginner or equivalent)

  •       Training the same behaviors as listed under Puppy Kindergarten with greater distance, duration and distractions
  •       Learning to heel, wait and “go to your mat” commands through positive reinforcement

Dog Advanced (dogs who have completed Intermediate training or equivalent)

  •      Review, practice and reinforce intermediate training behavior on trips to dog parks/runs, nearby walking paths, people parks, urban streets and shopping areas
  •       Specific training to address any issues in the type of environs most important to you

Dog Individual Training (À la carte training to achieve specific goals)




  •        Puppy kindergarten = $125 for 6 weeks of 1 hour per week
  •        Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced Dogs = $125 for 6 weeks of 1 hour per week
  •        Individual a la carte training = $50 for 30 minutes / $90 for one hour

Why use Dreadlocks for Dingoes Training Services? 

About our Trainer:  Dog training has held my fascination since 1989 when my first fur baby came into my life.  Fast forward to the present where I am doing what I love every day; making lives better and more fun for dogs as well as pet parents.  I’ve been super fortunate to be professionally trained in a “positive reinforcement” program developed by some of the most respected experts in the field.  – Anne Cleveland Ames 

  • We practice “positive reinforcement” training which is fast, effective and presents you with a happy non-traumatized pet who listens and obeys
  • We offer five different training courses so we can provide training programs for every stage of your pets growth or to address any specific issue
  • Dog parks, runs and people parks as well as urban settings are close by so we can train to and in different environments 

Pets with special needs

Mpls: 612.920.3992
St. Paul: 651.440.9819 or 651.440.9813