Hair For Oil Spills

Dreadlocks for Dingoes sends your pets cut hair to the gulf coast!

As a nation, we are doing what we can to help with the recent oil spill in the Gulf. Dreadlocks for Dingoes, is donating saved hair for the manufacturing of “hair mats and booms”. If you don’t already know, hair has the wonderful property of absorbing oil very quickly and extremely efficiently. Your donated nylon stockings are used to create booms that can soak up and block the expansion of oil.

Any donated nylon stockings sent to the address below will be forwarded to the company that manufactures the “hair mats and stocking booms” to the gulf coast.


Watch it in action!


I want to thank all of you who have so kindly donated nylons and boxes for the oil clean up in the gulf. Keep them coming.

I also wanted to share a few statistics with you. Every year 2600 oil spills occur. 726 million gallons of oil are spilled annually and 363 million gallons are washed into the oceans. 50% of oil in our waterways is from people illegally dumping used motor oil and one quart of oil can contaminate one million gallons of drinking water.

300,000 pounds of hair and fur are cut daily.

The first step of cleaning up this catastrophic oil spill in the Gulf starts with you. Each and every one of you who brings their pet into Dreadlocks for Dingoes is helping in the most dramatic way.

I am only as much help as you allow me to be. Your pet’s hair is a valuable reusable natural resource that will not be discarded. You can contribute, in a huge way. Please call for an appointment and be a part of this world wide effort.

In an effort to clean up oil spills  in other places around the world, Dreadlocks for Dingoes will continue to send your pet’s hair to this organization year round.


Mpls: 612.920.3992
St. Paul:
651.440.9819 or 651.440.9813