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How to use our calendar:

  1. Click on the tabs at the top of calendar to select “All” or the type of the happening of interest (they are color coded).
  2. Our DfD Calendar will open to the current month but you can look into the future by scrolling through future months using the “month arrows” on the top left side of the calendar.
  3. To learn more about the dog/puppy training class, seminar or event of interest shown on the calendar just click on it and another window will open up providing more details.
  4. If your area of interest is puppy or dog training our calendar provides the type of training class and the start date. To access detailed information regarding either puppy or dog training classes please click on “services” then Saint Paul Store and there you will find more information on our various training classes. You can also click on the “register here” tab on the side menu to access and download the puppy or dog training registration packets. In addition, please feel free to call our Saint Paul store at 651.440.9819 or 651.440.9813 and we will answer any questions you may have.
  5. If you see an “event” tab on the bottom right of the window referenced above that means that this is a “paid for” seminar. In order to register and pay you will need to click on this “event tab” which will open another window with more seminar event information plus the cost and our payment link (Buy Now) which provides various payment options via PayPal.

NOTE:  Below is a three step process for registration.  Please advance to the next page by pressing the arrow pointing to the right on the left. For full screen, press the X.

Calendar Registration Steps

Educational Seminars


The entire Dreadlocks for Dingoes team embraces a “holistic” approach when caring for pets which is supported by our experienced and talented staff coupled with a desire to research new pet care products and overall pet health issues. Collectively our team has over eighty years of pet grooming / care experience and given our industries fast pace, we never stop learning.

Our primary objective with offering occasional “educational sessions” at our Saint Paul store is to share our grooming, training; pet care, healthy food and specific breed knowledge with our Saint Paul customers and neighbors.

In addition we will be offering one or two day seminars for pet professionals featuring nationally known grooming and animal care experts. 

When we schedule an educational seminar we will post it on the “DfD Calendar” (located on our web site right under the side menu). To learn more about any scheduled seminar simply move your mouse over that event on the calendar and click on it to access the details (date, time, duration, location and seminar name). Also provided is a brief description of the seminars’ subject matter.  You can also call our Saint Paul store at 651.440.9819 or 651.440.9813 and we will answer any questions you may have.

Mpls: 612.920.3992
St. Paul:
651.440.9819 or 651.440.9813